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What is Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo flooring is a specialist flooring solution for all kinds of locations and uses. From airports to hospitals, from shopping centres to hotels. It can be used for internal and external application on a small or large scale.

Terrazzo flooring origins come from Italy. In the Mid-16th century marble mosaics were used around Venice with tradesmen using marble remnants to build around outside spaces. The vast majority of  the terrazzo and mosaic industry in 16th century Italy was centred around the craftsmen from the Fruili region.


 In 1890 the first terrazzo was laid in America by Italian craftsmen who installed terrazzo in the Vanderbilt residence on Fifth Avenue in New York.  In the 1920's architects began to see the huge design potential and uses for this innovative style of flooring which was durable and looked good too, incorporating it into the Art Deco/Modern styles of that time.

Today's terrazzo manufacturing include epoxies, polyesters, latex and acrylics which have made this flooring style very cost effective, even more durable and versatile. 

Terrazzo Flooring Specialists

Our team at Terrazzo Flooring Specialists have designed, manufactured and installed many, many square metres of flooring over a number of years. So what does it take to create flooring which can be used daily, maintains its glossy look, is easily cleaned and is cost effective to install? Let us tell you more.

In situ & pre-cast

To meet the needs of all our customers we are able to create your flooring off site, pre-cast to your size and measurements or can create the floor in-situ if required. Our team can assess which is best for your business and location. Click below for more details on all our services.



We have made a major investment and imported from Italy a tile press to allow us to manufacture terrazzo tiles. Our tile press can create a whole range of styles, sizes and shapes to fit any project including brand new flooring or repair of existing flooring.

case studies


We have repaired and replaced all kinds of terrazzo flooring. This includes standard floors, steps, broken or collapsed ducts and access covers. We are also able to match exisiting flooring by identifying the stone and using pigments to match. 

Inhouse Terrazzo Manufacturing


A few years ago we saw a need to make our own tiles to provide a unique service to our customer. We now have the facility to produce our own tiles in house, which means we are able to provide short runs to match existing projects, with a quicker turnaround. This includes a whole host of design and sizes, from small orders under 10 m/2 up to large scale projects. Our years of experience means that we know quality when we see it, so can produce the finest terrazzo flooring or bespoke furniture to exact requirements.

About us


GP Flooring was created in 2008 after many years in the business. Today the team has nearly 30 years experience in the trade and to this day we are constantly looking for new designs and materials, using only the best suppliers. Specialising in working on 'live' stores, the team work around your business with very little disruption. Our customers include Waitrose, John Lewis, Budgens and Co-op, to name a few.


Contact us to find out more. We can answer all your questions or arrange a site visit if needed.